Volunteer trip to DOULA with DAR A LUZ Honduras (October 2018)


“Me no want to” is something my godson or any other small child would passionately argue so we were all a bit surprised when it was coming from the mouths of labouring women in Honduras. Like how would so many speak English? Silly not to immediately think there was obviously just a Spanish phrase that sounds very similar. “Ya no aguanto” was often uttered so I quickly learned it meant ‘I can’t anymore/I cannot bear’. No doubt that women giving birth are sometimes looking for relief from the pain and fear or just an outcome to complete all their hard work. I’d like to think that without the incredible work of Dar a Luz Honduras and this gift I’ve been given to support woman – there wouldn’t be comfort in a time of need and there wouldn’t be gratitude expressed in ways beyond comprehension. A doula’s presence encourages the ‘yes you can’! One can prepare themselves physically and emotionally but not for the intensity that will remain in my heart forever. Love translates in all languages, in any country. It’s a look, a feeling. It’s why I’m a birth doula. Muchas gracias xoxo

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