Birth Acronyms

During my weekly virtual coffee dates, we’ve discussed birth and postpartum information useful for planning and preparation. For whatever reason (maybe nostalgia or maybe my enjoyment of poetry) acronyms seem to stick with me. I would like to share these to generate thought and discussion.

BRAIN can be helpful when discussing birth. For example when choosing a care provider (doctor or midwife) and when choosing a birth location (hospital or at home). It is a good tool to think about all your options and to weigh the advantages/disadvantages. This way of decision making can also be helpful later in pregnancy if you are presented with the possibility of an induction of labour or when choosing how to feed your baby (breastfeed or bottle feed).

Fear of pain is something I often hear people express when thinking about birth. This acronym has a way of simplifying the complexity of being in pain. More understanding of the contractions (which some people like to rename waves or surges or intensities) and how you can work with it, through it as a process (and not against them) is important during labour. How can you best prepare mentally? How can you use the breaks between contractions in labour? How can you practice?

A doula can help! Prenatally these things can be uniquely discussed. It is the best job ever to be able to support people birthing and parenting confidently. I know you possess innate wisdom and strengths!

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