Advanced Maternal Age

Advanced maternal age is sometimes defined as being 35 or older, and sometimes as being 40 or older.

The age of first time motherhood has been rising – the average first time Canadian mother is 28.5 years old. Nearly one in five babies are born to women 35 and older.

In Canada, the average age of mothers at childbirth has been increasing fairly steadily for the last 40 years, as successive generations of women have delayed childbearing to pursue educational and employment opportunities, among other factors. Easy access to effective contraceptive methods, diversification of conjugal life and changes in values have also contributed to delaying entry into parenthood.

Age is sometimes just a number when it comes to understanding risk factors during pregnancy. Individual specifics such as genetics, health history and current health status can affect pregnancy. It is important to understand the risks and to make healthy choices.

Some helpful informational resources:

Evidence on: Advanced Maternal Age

Canadian statistics from:

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