Prenatal appointments with your Doula Jess

During your prenatal appointments with your labour/birth doula, we chat about things like:

– stages of labour
– what your partner can do
– when to…. (call your doula, go to the hospital, etc) 
– how do you know you’re in labour?
– the anatomy of what is happening in your body (hormones, dilation and effacement) 
– decision making (BRAIN) 
– setting up your birth environment 
– what to pack in your hospital bag (and when)
– Birth plan or intentions/journaling/fill out handouts (if desired) 
– comfort measures (breathing, positions, pain relief, physical supports) 
– planning for postpartum 
– newborn care 

I am grateful to be on your birth team. Nothing is ‘a silly question’ or ‘maybe that’s too personal’ during these thoughtful and sometimes monumental moments. I look forward to getting to know each other better and building a relationship. Support can be and often is personalized. 

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