Ways to support breastfeeding:

Make sure they are comfortable when breastfeeding (provide somewhere to sit, pillows, etc)

Make sure they have water and/or a snack (maybe even help them eat and drink it while feeding!) 

Don’t make them feel left out (meaning still invite them for a drink, still give them uninterrupted sleep….still give them options) 

Have action plans in place (examples include but are not limited to: midwife/doctor contacts for weigh ins, postpartum doula support, know where to get breastfeeding supplies, enlist the help from a lactation consultant) 

Gift them things like reusable breast pads, feeding friendly clothes, milk collecting gadgets, snacks that encourage production

Never ask someone to cover up or go somewhere else (if you feel uncomfortable then please look away or leave yourself) 

Give them the time to pump (if needed) 

Wash/sanitize bottles and pump parts 

Help with to changing diapers, burping, etc 

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