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What people are saying about DOULA JESS:

“Jess helped bring our baby boy into the world. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable in the weeks leading up to the birth, she was an integral part of our marathon 36 labour. Her generosity of time was so apparent, and we never felt rushed with any of our prenatal or postpartum appointments. During my labour, she was so supportive not just of myself, but also my partner. She brought a sense of calmness and awareness that otherwise would have been chaos amidst our first time adventure into parenthood. We truly couldn’t have done it without Jess, nor would we look back on the big day with such fondness if it wasn’t for her. We simply cannot recommend her enough to anyone looking to feel supported and actually enjoy their birth experience. We consider her a friend for life after all she did for myself, my partner and our baby boy.” – Katelyn (birth client)

“Jess was a huge support to me after the birth of my first son. I was so overwhelmed as a new mom. Jess came to my home and spent the night. She prepped my bottles and fed my little guy so I could sleep and recover from my surgery. Not only did she care for my baby, she provided me with emotional support. I felt validated and listened to without judgement. It was a blessing to have her assistance while I was adjusting to motherhood. I highly recommend her services.” – Lauren R.

“Are you expecting and in search of an amazing & knowledgeable support person? Meet my Doula Jess! While your little bean is still cooking, she will help you & your partner put your birth plan in motion (and will accommodate any adjustments as your circumstances may/can change), discuss your excitements and fears, and answer any questions you may have. Jess will be your greatest cheerleader, advocate and will be by your side in helping manage your pain during labour and delivery. Her calm, confident and patient demeanor doesn’t go unnoticed. And her services don’t come to a halt once baby arrives either. If you’re thinking of hiring a Doula – particularly Jess – do it – you won’t regret it!” – Alicia (birth client)

“Although Jess could not be my doula during my pregnancy, as I live too far away, she was an excellent support system from afar. My pregnancy was extremely difficult and it was comforting to know that Jess was always there if I needed anything”  – Laurie L.

“My husband and I both agree that we could not imagine going through the birth of our son without the help of our doula Jess. She was there to help us prepare for labour, to teach us helpful labour positioning and pain management, to show my husband how he could help and support me, and to assist us post-delivery. She thought of all the little things that we didn’t. She was so supportive and attentive throughout the entire process. Knowing that we had another person in the room who knew our birth plan and supported our decisions was so comforting to me. I knew that we had another voice if needed. Jess remained by our side through a long and hard labour at home and transition to hospital. She helped us to stay calm and focused. She ensured both my husband and I were staying hydrated and fed, and positive. We were so overjoyed to finally meet our baby boy when he arrived and so happy to have had Jess by our side for the whole journey. Having Jess as our doula was the best decision we could have made. She will always be a special part of our family. I highly recommend Jess. You and your family will be so happy she is on your team!”  – Nicole (birth client)

“Exceeded expectations! If you’re looking for someone that can offer you knowledge during the pre-labour stage – then Jess is your expert. If you’re looking for someone to help assist during labour, guiding you through the delivery, equipping you with strength, motivational words, and helping with labour tools to get through the pain – then Jess is the one for you. If you’re looking for extra help to get through the days after baby gets home, whether you need a hot shower, an hour break, a nap – then Jess is the one you need to trust in. Doula Jess is the best! Hiring a Doula, but not just any Doula – Jessica, was hands down the most important decision my husband and I made. She was a pinnacle part of our team and will forever be!” – Chelsea (birth client)


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