BIRTH package



  • GUARANTEED doula support
  • COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation
  • 1 (or 2) prenatal visits to discuss your birth intentions and preparation for your birth
  • Assistance in writing birth plans (if desired)
  • Unlimited phone and text contact during pregnancy and in the weeks following the birth
  • 24/7 on call availability from 38-42 weeks gestation
  • Continuous labour support from early labour until approximately 2 hours after your birth (including physical, emotional, informational support for you and your partner)
  • Assistance in establishing a positive breastfeeding relationship with your baby (if desired)
  • a postpartum visit to discuss your birth, provide assistance and offer resources (2 hours)


$25/hour (minimum booking 8 hours)


  • COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation
  • Daytime assistance in caring for your newborn (including breastfeeding support, bathing, dressing, diapering, calming techniques, bottle feeding)
  • Assistance in caring for mom (including post caesarean support)
  • Education surrounding postpartum mental health support
  • Meal preparation, grocery shopping, laundry and other light household chores and errands
  • Guidance in establishing healthy routines and creating a restful atmosphere for you, your baby and your family
  • Sibling care
  • Access to my resources
  • Phone and text contact during duration of contract


$30/hour (minimum booking 8 hours=one night support shift)


  • COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation
  • 11pm until 7am (typically)
  • manage newborns feed/sleep routine while new parents get some rest
  • Phone and text contact during duration of contract

Parental Support Package



Prenatal education and information (2 private sessions that are approximately 2 hours in length) plus 8 hours Postpartum support

NEW Virtual Prenatal Education or Breastfeeding Basics

$75.00 each class/session

Customized and private over Zoom or FaceTime

NEW Virtual wellness check in

Unique support via phone call, text message, email, FaceTime or Zoom

Please contact to discuss

which package and pricing options 

would be best for you and your family

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